ACTIVEPASSIVECOMPONENTS.COM was established for active and passive electronic components distribution in 2016 with 25+ years industry experience. We serve our customers with a wide range of electronic components with competitive price and punctual delivery. In addition, we offer some customisation services such as customised ARM based embedded system design, Customised LCMs & Backlights, customised transformers and inductors, customised battery packs, mechanical parts, etc. And also, we offer full turn-key electronic manufacturing Services (EMS) including full Bill of Material (BOM) sourcing, PCBA assembly and test services.

Active Components

Electromechanical Parts

Passive Components

Display Technologies

Led Components

Storage Technologies

Product Range

  • Antennas - RF, GSM, GPS, LTE, Chip Antennas, etc.

  • Audio Components - Buzzer, Microphones, Speakers, etc,

  • Battery & Accessories - Alkaline, Li-ion, Li-polymer,

    Li-ceramic, Battery Holders

  • Cables - Cables & Cables assemblies

  • Capacitors & Resistors

  • Circuit Protection Components - Fuses, PTC, TVS, etc

  • Connectors - FPC/FFC, Terminal Blocks, RF Connectors,

    Pin & Socket Connectors, I/O Connectors, SIMM & Memory

    Connectors, Pins, etc.

  • Frequency Components - Crystals, Oscillators,

    Resonators, etc.

  • Displays - LCM, TFT, OLED, e-Papers, Backlights

  • Embedded Systems - Arm based PCBA designs,

    Mobile Devices, etc.

  • Fans/Thermal Management - AC/DC Fans, Thermal

    Cooler, Thermal Pads, etc.

  • Filters - Ceramic Filters, Crystals, EMI/RFI Filters, Ferrite

    Beads & Chips, Ferrite Cores, RF Filters, Saw Filters, etc.

  • Hardware & Plastic - Fasteners, Nuts, Screws, Springs,

    Metal Parts, PCB Spacer, Cable Clamps, etc.

  • Integrated Circuits - MCUs, ADCs, DPSs, PLD, Memory, AC-DC Coverters, PMIC, Logic, Liner, Interface, etc
  • Isolator - Digital, Optocouplers, etc.
  • Magnetic Components - Transformers, Inductors, Coils,
  • Chokes, Ferrite/Powder Cores,
  • Memory - Memory Modules, Memory ICs, Memory
  • Cards, SSDs, USB Memory Sticks, etc.
  • Optoelectronics - LED Character, SMD LED, COB, LEDs,
  • Touch Screen, etc.
  • Power Supplies - AC/DC Converters, DC-DC Converter, • PSU, LED Drivers, PoE, etc.
  • Relays & Sockets
  • RD/IF & RFID Components, Finger Print Modules,etc
  • Semiconductors - Bridge Rectifiers, Diacs, Sidacs,
  • Zener, FETs, IGBTs RF Diodes/FETs, Transistors, Triacs, etc. • Sensors - Image Sensors, Gas Sensors, Doppler Motion
  • Detectors, PIR Sensors, etc.
  • Static Control, ESD etc
  • Switches & Buttons
  • Wireless Modules - Wifi, BT, RF, etc.
Merkez Mahallesi, Seçkin Sokak, 2-4A, Z-Ofis, NO:217, 34406 Kağıthane, Istanbul, Turkey.

Office: +90 212 295 30 10 & 12

Over 25+ years international industry experience, Lumikron Teknoloji A.Ş. is one of the leading and reliable Electronic Component Distributor Company in Turkey.